We only work with electrical propulsion. This is why.    

At Transportel we don’t believe in dirty and noisy professional vehicles that are expensive to operate. That’s why we only make electrical vehicles. The use of electricity instead of petrol saves both money and the environment - every mile only costs a few cents.

We were the first company to offer electrical professional mopeds on the Swedish market and we pride ourselves in being a leading manufacturer in the market today. Our craftsmanlike manufacturing always places quality and the environment first.

Since 1988 we’ve delivered over 4 000 mopeds to more than 800 satisfied customers. Industries, post offices, property managers and businesses alike. Those, and many others, have discovered the electrical moped and its advantages.

2006 we bought the rights to manufacture and sale of the Elodrive. A vehicle that has existed in Sweden since the seventies. As the transmission and electronics in the vehicle was very after its time we have done a total reconstruction of those components. Although we have managed to keep the superb driving standards that have been a trademark for the Elodrive.

We have a long experience, our own manufacturing in Sweden and high quality service level agreements. That gives you a practical and durable professional vehicle. With the highest possible level of reliability and the lowest possible level of service needs.

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